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tree-600Passion for quality packaging
We have grow, year after year, and we have constantly developed, offering the very same solutions that every client needs.
We managed that because we let ourselves be driven by our passion for quality.
We are passionate about everything we do, offering, for more than 17 years, best quality products, together with the same passion for every detail.
The same passion that determines us to continuously innovate.
Experience and innovation are the key factors of performance. The rest is just reliability
In order to be successful on a market where competition is tougher and rougher, it is necessary that performance, when it comes to the quality of products and services offered, grows and is officially recognized.
Client oriented attitude
Our entire activity is carried out around the client’s satisfaction.
We approach a clear vision upon the relationships we have with our clients because we desire to become trustworthy partners and to offer perfect solutions for each and every one of them. For that matter, everything we do begins with understanding our client’s needs, fully aware of the fact that our success depends on theirs.
Our products are a statement of quality for our business!sistelse1
Competitiveness, innovation and flexibility are factors without which you cannot keep pace with the continuously changing market.
We constantly invest in technology and into the production process of packaging, in order to deliver the best quality products.
The concept of „Assisted production” meets clients’ necessities with a plus of attitude, differentiated through service quality and permanent assistance from our technicians, in order to maintain a high standard among our products and to transform our clients into lasting partners.
Competitiveness, flexibility and 4 standard steps
In order to offer exceptional services one requires vision and team work.
Open to a flexible collaboration, we intend to carry out the collaboration with our clients in a diverse manner which acts most efficiently upon their exigencies.
It is a proof of respect and appreciation towards all our clients, at whose success we fell obliged and proud to contribute to.
Step 1 – Defining the product
After receiving the Price Request, the details transmitter are analyzed and we recommend the best option in terms of dimension, material and finishing, bearing in mind the purpose of which the product will be used and what will contain.
In most cases, the materials used in the production process have a great influence on the piece. Therefore, in the Price Request, we are obliged to offer the best technical solutions to ensure maximum quality at the optimum price.
Step 2 – Launching the order in the system
After receiving the External Order, the technical specifications are uploaded into the system in order to supply with raw material and materials for the execution.
Also, the client receives a Registration Confirmation of the order that contains all the agreed details.
Step 3 – Processing, execution and delivery of the order
Subsequent to launching the External Order to the client, we will send a montage of the work which contains the unfolded format of the packaging (stamp model) realized by our DTP department in order to receive final approval (BT).
For client safety, we are able to realize a sample according to the technical specifications so that the final product can be visualized and to eliminate all risks of error.
Permanent following of the finishing operations, by the person responsible, helps overcome all unpredictable situations by finding the optimal solution and solving the problem, finalizing the work and delivering it at the agreed delivery time.
Step 4 – Quality control
„Quality control” is carried out along a couple of very well defined steps:sistelse-3
  1. We prepare the necessary card for Quality Control for each order.
  2. We follow every single step of the technological process, starting with the launch of the order, the execution, finishing and packaging of the products.
  3. We make sure that the products are delivered respecting size, quantity, colors, finishing and all technical characteristics stipulated in the order.
  4. We take care that the packaging of the products is done properly so that they shall not be deteriorated during loading/unloading and transportation.
  5. We deliver the products along with all the necessary documents for respecting the legislation.
We do all these steps so that all our clients can always benefit from our products’ quality, bearing our company’s signature.