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The main limits we had to overcome when we started positioning the LightBag® product was explaining its utility and use, assimilating them with the aspirant products series, and also with those objects that attract through the conjugation of beauty and its evanescence.
In order to do that, starting with a few elements that brought celebrity to companies such as Coca-Cola, Apple and Lego, we tried to adapt a combination of messages that match the perception we desire for our products:
1. immediate identification of the product starting with its very shape;
2. innovation alongside sure and easy experience;
3. personal imagination, as main instrument of using the products.
„Light-Bag” is a (ready-to-use ,short-life, printed paper based, hand-made) decorative-product (tea-light) inspired by Chinese traditional lampions, purposed for creating that kind of natural, light & shadows, magical atmosphere which proofs that your event deserves to be „the one”. That fits with any celebrating moment of your life, no matter if we talk about a couple’s dinner or a larger party.
The natural light of fire, its diffused flames around the lampion, the story told through the images printed on the facets of the lampion, the message transmitted by the combination of cut-out holes on the lampion facets, the intriguing smell scattered from inside the lampion.
All these are elements that when chosen and combined, keeping in mind the theme of the event or its location, create an atmosphere that individualizes, completes the surrounding décor and challenges the basic senses to register the event in the emotional memory of the participants.
It is a decorative object that, due to its perishable tribute, incenses you to keep it as a memory of the emotions lived during the event.
It is a way of expressing the host’s gratitude towards the participants and remind them that they were part of a special event.
scs-70There is no magic without safety. Your LightBag® has it all. COCO4595-
Using the innovative SAFE CANDLE SYSTEM, we’ve manage to obtain a competitive advantage, by using 100% recyclable paper for the bag and simultaneously eliminating the risk of burning the bag by fixing the candle inside the paper bag in such a way that the flame has no possibility to touch its walls, even when is strongly jogged (for a demonstration, see the movie).
You should keep it away from children, flammable substances and materials. Do not leave at any time the lit LIGHTBAG® unattended!