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dot-yellow is a creative company aiming to be recognized as a national inheritor of Apple’s, Lego’s and Coca-Cola’s built-in strengths: innovation, intuition, visualization.

dot-yellow is a manufacturer of gifts paper bags, custom or serial, cards, product catalogs and brochures, decorative paper bags and other paper based products.

dot-yellow the company was launched in 2011 aiming to design and manufacture products giving the high level of customer satisfaction. Customers’ requirements, as far as concerning the quality of materials, safety and environment-friendliness, must not be met but also supported by corporate management guaranteeing that they are fully understood and constantly observed.

dot-yellow already holds three consolidated brands: SISTELSE, COLORUP and LIGHTBAG, which starting from the second year of activity were displayed  at „Paper World Exhibition”, in Frankfurt. Since then, the company can be seen at fairs like GiftsShow and Gaudeamus (national  exhibitions) and Ambiente and Paperworld (international exhibitions).

Recently, 7 LAST MUSE become a member of the PSI (Promotional Service Institute).

Brands description:

SISTELSE – Personalized paper bagsimage description

It’s the first and our brand of soul. Under this trademark we produce luxury paper bags of Art Coated paper, Kraft paper or special paper, customized with our printing machine with graphic, colors, logo and information of the customer, in different size and with different finishing.

COLORUP – Carrier paper bags

It’s our second brand, launched in 2013 and we wish to become a popular and consecrated trademark of packaging in the future years. The four product lines (BICOLOR Collection, RAINBOW Collection, LUXURY Collection and ELITTE Collection) that we promote, is addressed to all types of customers and can cover all requirements of any of them.

LIGHTBAG – Decorative paper bags

It’s a ready-to-use, printed paper based, handmade decorative product (tea-light), purposed for creating that kind of natural light & shadows, magical atmosphere which proofs that your event deserves to be „the one”.

Who are we?

We are two friends whose characters are governed by the verb „to do”.
When founding the company, each of us was going through a sweep of life: one had to give up his house and the other one an important professional position.
We found in our establishment the hope to do together what each of us likes, fulfilling our lives and the lives of our families and friends.
We have chosen the name „Seven Last Muse,” because, when put aside, these words express what united us: the desire to give a form to the beauty and the wish to make it available for those who appreciate it.


because it’s a number which comes along with some of the most beautiful things in our lives – the days of Creation, the seven continents, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven wonders of the world;sebi-laur2


because the beauty seems to be the last thing we might need as simple beings, but among the first most important things that make us more than that.


because beauty needs to be driven by inspiration in order to be properly expressed.

We realized that the name was right, when we noticed that the first two letters of our names were perfectly matching the two words that compose our company name.

Since then, the “seven” figure has become our plan for the number of product ranges that we want to offer you. Discover the fascinating world of magic moments, vibrant colors and customized paper bags that we’ve created so far.

Living a life means end of the day, enriching us by any breeze, fragrance, light, feeling, gesture or touch that have been allowed us to mark single moemnts of our pass, into a magical story to be said only by each of us.

7 LAurentiu STan & MUresan SEbastian